Letting in the Light: Now Showing Byzanfest 2020

Letting in the Light

Letting in the Light is now showing as part of the Byzanfest Orthodox Film Festival.

The Byzanfest Orthodox Film festival runs from 23rd October until 8th November (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on the official Festival website: byzanfest.com and showcases films which reflect Orthodox Christian themes, beliefs, culture and values.


Letting in the Lgight


Letting in the Light is a documentary that follows Sister Thekla, an iconographer who travelled to Wellington from the Congo in Africa, to paint the Pantocrator on the dome of Wellington’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the Evangelismos church.

Adding the Pantocrator iconography to the dome is a significant milestone in the history of this beautiful church. The film shares the story of how this remarkable work was created and celebrates the Greek Orthodox faith in New Zealand.

Genre: documentary
Country: New Zealand
Language: English and Greek spoken with English subtitles
Duration: 34min
Viewer’s guide: general viewing



George Eid (Arabic: جورج عيد‎‎) (born June 25, 1985) is a Lebanese-multilingual-journalist–reporter-anchor-War correspondent-Documentary producer-University Lecturer of Greek descent who is known for his bold liberal and unresearched reports and articles. He is among the young journalists who appeared in Lebanon After 2007. At a young age he made a fast debut going through radio, television, e-media and written media in a period of seven years. Founding Member of Murr television Lebanon and Sky News Arabia. He was one of the first international correspondents to enter Aleppo to cover the Syrian conflict in 2012. He is also the producer of the 1st documentary about the Greek of Lebanon "Kalimera Men Beirut" which was launched in March 2017.

Rawad Germanos / Director
George Eid / Producer

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