Captured Syrian terrorist in Artsakh gives shocking testimony, bonus $100 for chopping Armenian heads (VIDEOS)


A Syrian terrorist was captured fighting in Artsakh and gave a shocking testimony, including how Syrian mercenaries were promised a bonus $100 for chopping the heads of Armenians.

El Haji was born in the village of Ziendie in Syria's Idlib province. He did not attend school and is illiterate. He has a wife and five children.

"They told me I would receive a monthly salary of $2,000 and that I would only participate in military exercises. Both my father and my wife were against me going to Azerbaijan but when I heard that others from neighboring areas were going, so I decided to join them," he said to Armenian authorities after being captured fighting in Artsakh.

The Syrian terrorist being interviewed by Armenian authorities. Artsakh
The Syrian terrorist being interviewed by Armenian authorities.

"I was told I did not need to take any documents with me, not even my passport. They selected men between the ages of 20 and 40. They recruited 500 men on the spot. Then we were put in ten buses and taken to the Turkish border. At the border there was no examination of documents. We continued in the buses until we reached a Turkish airport and then boarded a plane to Azerbaijan. Once there we were received by Azerbaijani and Turkish soldiers. They issued us with uniforms, weapons and ammunition," he revealed after his capture.

"On October 18 we were taken to the Artsakh front. The commander there was Abu Amsan. The Azerbaijanis told us that we had to take the Armenian villages and kill everyone there. They told told us that for every beheaded Armenian we would get $100. We were issued knives for that purpose. They said that if anyone was afraid, they should take a special pill for that. They issued us with pills but I did not take one. As we moved toward the Armenian villages, the Armenians opened fire in our direction. 15 men were killed and many more injured," the mercenary continued to explain.

"I too was injured but the Azerbaijanis left me there for five days. Then I decided to surrender. The Armenians gave me food and water. The Azerbaijanis call the Armenians 'infidels', but that is a big mistake. The real infidels are the Azerbaijanis and I who came to fight against these nice people. No man should go to fight for Azerbaijan because the Armenians are gentle, kind people who saved me from certain death," he said.

"Even if you're poor and looking for a way to make money, don't come here to fight against the Armenians. It's better to stay poor," he concluded.

ՊԲ-ի ստորաբաժանումների կողմից գերեվարվել է հերթական սիրիացի վարձկանըAnother Syrian mercenary was captured by the Defense ArmyЕще один сирийский наемник был взят в плен Армией обороны.

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On November 1, Yusef el Abed el Haji was captured by the Armenian armed forces. He faces charges of international terrorism under the International Penal Code.

NOTE: Both Azerbaijan and Turkey deny that foreign mercenaries are fighting for the Azerbaijanis. El Haji is not the first captured Syrian in Artsakh.

The moments he was captured by Armenian forces in Artsakh was also captured on video.