34th HACCI Awards goes virtual

34th HACCI Awards goes virtual

34th HACCI Awards goes virtual

The Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) is going virtual for its 34th awards ceremony, ensuring that the coronavirus pandemic will not prevent acknowledging the best and brightest of the Greek community.

The annual ceremony is one of the staples of the Greek Australian social calendar, an opportunity to celebrate excellence, to acknowledge contribution, to applaud innovation, business acumen and the significance of entrepreneurship as an integral factor and a binding element of our community.

Following up on last year's smashing success, HACCI is proud to welcome Mary Coustas - and her larger-than-life alter ego, Effie Stephanides - to assume the role of MC for the second time in a row. She will be joined by a select group of community leaders who are going to present the 2020 HACCI Awards to this year's recipients.

The famous gala ball might not be happening, but you can still attend the glorious digital ceremony and find out who will win the 34th HACCI awards:

  • Bank of Sydney Business Award - celebrating the achievements of those who make significant contributions to their industry, excel in their field, build strong brands and follow best business practices, promoting sustainability and innovation.
  • Professional Services Award presented by Intralot - acknowledging the achievement of those who contribute to the advancement of their profession, applying a holistic approach to their professional field and its connection with the broader community.
  • Woman of Influence Award presented by SalaryMasters - celebrating female leadership and promoting change that drives towards a diverse and vibrant community.
  • Sports Award presented by Heidelberg United FC - awarded to the individuals and organisations that show excellence in athletic performance and embody the values of sport as a community-building component.
  • Community Award presented by Pronia - acknowledging those who show dedication to the community and use their skills, passion and compassion to make a difference.
  • Chris Saristavros Young Achiever Award - honouring future leaders and the young role models who will shape the future of our community.
  • Spiro Stamoulis Lifetime Achievement Award - honouring those who had make a mark in our community, building a remarkable body of work and and enduring legacy.

For the first time this year, the HACCIs will present a new award; The Innovation Award - presented by Directed - will acknowledge the individual who has a unique vision in their field of industry and found a way to put it into effect, carving new pathways.

The celebrations will also include top-class entertainment:

  • Gadjo Dilo - one of Athens' most uplifting bands - will present their signature gypsy-swing take on beloved Greek songs, from the rooftop of Gazarte, with the Athenian skyline behind them.
  • Fivos Delivorias, arguably the most significant singer-songwriter of his generation, will send a very special musical message to the Greek Community, the Chamber, and a specific person among us.
  • The Chris Frangou trio (from Melbourne) will present classic Greek melodies, through a jazz prism.

The best and brightest are going to be there - and so should you! Here's how you can attend the 34th HACCI Awards digital ceremony:




HACCI was formed in Victoria 1985 to promote and strengthen the economic and cultural ties between Australia and Greece.

HACCI has since hosted numerous functions, networking events, investment seminars, trade delegations, conferences and has actively connected the Hellenic Australian business and professional community both locally and internationally.

Since it’s inception, HACCI has broadened its scope beyond its traditional commercial mandate, introducing the HACCI Business Excellence Awards, which has become HACCI’s annual flagship event celebrating ‘the best & brightest’ of the Hellenic Australian community.

HACCI is a multifaceted organisation, offering a platform for its members to connect, interact and exchange knowledge & ideas.

By joining HACCI, you are joining a network of businesses and professionals connected by virtue of their integrity in the business and wider Hellenic Australian community and a desire to be part of a connected and united voice in advocating and supporting a collective vision for the future of the Hellenic business Diaspora.

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