Greek military establishes Special Warfare Command with focus on unorthodox war

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The establishment of the Special Warfare Command is a vision of General Konstantinos Floros, Chief of General Military Staff of Greece.

The Special Warfare Command is essentially a new military formation guided by the standards of NATO and in the logic of modern armies around the world, New Post reported.

There will be an emphasis on the need for a powerful immediate intervention force capable of delivering surgical hits of high strategic importance to enemy targets HVT (High Value Targets) in a short time.

The speed, the autonomy, the high level of training and the immediacy of the execution of each mission by order will be the main characteristics of the new Command which is essentially another pillar of power independent of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Special Warfare Command Greek infantry being inspected.
Greek infantry being inspected.

The Special Warfare Command is formed on the basis on the defense of sensitive areas like small islands and islets, but at the same time with an aggressive orientation if required in operations of unorthodox war.

Founding the Special Warfare Command has already been decided after suggestions from the SAGE (Council of Chiefs of General Staff) since last April and since then the procedures have progressed so that it will become fully operational as soon as possible.

Greek military heads will organize the new Command according to American standards, having already developed close cooperation with the USA, the country that has without a doubt the top Special Forces in the world, such as the Seals, Delta and Rangers.

These American units have extensive experience in Special Operations and in unorthodox warfare in almost every corner of the globe.

The main goal of the Greek military with the establishment of the Command is to increase interdisciplinarity.

According to the organization chart, the Special Warfare Command will include:

  • The Special Parachute Department (EDF).
  • 7th Amphibious Squadron (ZIMAK).
  • Parachute Squadrons.
  • The Marines.
  • The Department of Underwater Disaster Management (IMS).
  • The Air Supply Battalion (TENEF).
  • Army helicopters (NH-90 and CH-47DG Chinook).

In fact, the air means will be a separate Unit known as the SOATG (Special Operations Air Task Group).

The benefits for the Armed Forces from the establishment of the new Command, apart from being operational, will also be in matters of organization and saving resources.

These are mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Unified education.
  • Single supplies of equipment, materials and armament.
  • Single business design.

The establishment of the Special Warfare Command is a special project of General Floros.

From the time he headed the 13th Special Operations Administration, but also as Chief of Staff of Greek military, he laid the foundations for the establishment of an independent formation which would bring together all the selected Special Operations Units.