Armenia to receive humanitarian aid from Greece tomorrow

Armenian refugees.

Aid will be delivered to Armenia tomorrow after a request by Armenian Organizations in Greece.

The International Development Cooperation Service of Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of its humanitarian mission, will deliver the aid to Armenia.

Specifically, the Armenian Relief Society, Armenian Blue Cross and Cross of Mercy Macedonia-Thrace, with assistance from the Embassy of Armenia in Athens, gathered humanitarian aid for victims of Azerbaijan's invasion of Artsakh.

Greece humanitarian aid
Armenians pack their belongings while leaving their house in Kalbajar. ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP via Getty Images

With cooperation from the Ministry of National Defense, which provided a transport aircraft, the delivery is scheduled to be transported to Armenia tomorrow.

The humanitarian aid includes medical supplies and food for the victims and refugees of Azerbaijan's invasion of Artsakh.

Armenian refugees.
Armenian refugees.

The aid was supplied by Greeks and Armenian-Greeks.

The actions are coordinated by the General Director of the International Development Cooperation Service, Mr. G. Larissis.

He will deliver the sent aid to representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations and the branch of the Armenian Relief Society in Armenia.

This action is representative of the support and solidarity Greeks have for Armenians.

Last month, Thessaloniki also did not hesitate to offer a helping hand to Armenians, with dozens of boxes of medical-pharmaceutical materials gathered and delivered to the Armenian community of Thessaloniki to be shipped to Armenia.

This was announced last month when the Armenian flag was raised in front of the city hall of Alexandroupolis in the presence of the Armenian Community of the northern Greek city, Mayor Ioannis Zampoukis, and President of the Municipal Council, Dimitris Kolios.

Armenian flag Serres Alexandros Chrysafis