Parliament knew about anti-Greek actions of the Turkish Consulate Secretary in Rhodes since 2017

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The anti-Greek action of the General Secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, Bayran Sabaidim, a Greek Muslim originally from Rodopi in northern Greece, became known in parliament in 2017 by the then independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos.

Nikolaos Nikolopoulos.
Nikolaos Nikolopoulos.

Sabaidim posted on social media symbols of Turkism, the Far-Right Gray Wolves Turkish terrorist group, the flag of the so-called "Independent western Thrace", and other anti-Greek posts.

The independent MP asked for information from the then Minister of Interior :

1. How did State and the co-responsible Ministers react and retaliate when a Greek citizen, who has studied at the expense of the Greek state, publicly propagandizes with hatred and false flags but works for a foreign diplomatic mission in our own country?

2. Are there any sanctions, if so, and which ones?

3. What citizenship does this person have?

4. Is it true that he is an employee of the Turkish consulate in Rhodes?

The vague answer…

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Answering the question of Nikolopoulos, the then Deputy Minister of Interior Nikos Toskas, answered vaguely.

"In any case of illegal behavior of individuals or groups of persons, our Services in compliance with the requirements of the Constitution and applicable law, take any necessary action," he said.