Cyprus to establish a Foreign Policy, Defense and Security Council

The Council of Ministers of Cyprus decided to establish a Foreign Policy, Defense and Security Council.

The Council for Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security will be based at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be under the high supervision of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and under the direct responsibility of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Cyprus
Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is noted that the Council will act as a common reflection and consultation mechanism for thoughts, ideas, suggestions and proposals with practical value in matters of Foreign Policy, Defense and Security to assist state bodies in their work.

The Council’s recommendation aims, inter alia, at leveraging the knowledge and thinking of well-known personalities in Cyprus related to Foreign Policy, Defense and Security, as well as academics and experts.

Their responsibilities will be to highlight challenges against Cyprus, but also in anticipating needs that may arise in the future.

The Council will consist of two bodies – the Steering Committee and the Consultative Body.

It is noted that the Steering Committee of the Council will consist of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Cypriot defense forces.

Other Ministers or Independent Officials, or personalities or experts may be invited to its meetings when needed.

The Steering Committee will be responsible for determining issues in Cyprus to be studied or researched.

The Consultative Body will consist of the members of the Steering Committee, accompanied by seven other permanent members, who with their knowledge, ideas and suggestions, can contribute substantially to the work of the Council.

Permanent members will be appointed by Anastasiades upon the recommendation of the Steering Committee.

Members of the Advisory Board, which may operate in various formations depending on the subject matter, will come from individuals with recognized experience in areas relevant to the subject matter of the Council.


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