This Armenian Christmas, help a child forced to leave their home in Artsakh

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Unlike the Catholic, Protestant and the Greek Orthodox Church, who all celebrate Christmas on December 25, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrate Christmas on January 6.

There is little doubt that this has been the most difficult period in modern Armenian history since the Turkish-perpetrated genocide in the early 20th.

On September 27, the Turkish-sponsored Azerbaijani and Syrian mercenary invasion of Artsakh began, capturing or receiving several districts of the historical Armenian territory.

Thousands of Armenians were uprooted from their homes, unwilling to live under Azerbaijani occupation whose soldiers have beheaded civilians and committed several other human rights abuses in defiance of international law.

SAS Supermarket, in collaboration with World Vision, have organised a drive to give assistance to children and family that have been uprooted from Artsakh and forced to restart their lives elsewhere - and they need YOUR help.

The supermarket's website can be found in Armenian, Russian and English, and prices can be shown in the currencies of Armenia, Russia, the U.S. and the European Union.

Armenia Artsakh shopping Armenian Armenians

From the website, individuals can buy products from the supermarket for displaced children and family's to help in any little way as they struggle to re-establish their lives.

When checking out, direct the delivery address too:

World Vision Armenia at Romanos Melikyan St., 1 Building (near the church), (Malatia-Sebastia adm. district) +374-10-749119 , +374-60-491010

Two New Vacancies at World Vision Armenia

OR Bari Tnak: Jrvej, Aygegortsakan 6 districts 1/2, GSM: +374 55 257900 Email: [email protected]