Which cars did Greeks buy in 2020?

Greek cars.

The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected Greece’s car sales last year, but let's see which brands were the ones preferred by most Greek buyers.

2020 was a year in which, as in the rest of the world, new car sales showed a significant decline compared to 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, based on the first data, in 2020 Greeks bought 81,017 new cars, a number reduced by 29.0% compared to the 114,109 new cars bought in 2019.

In this climate, Toyota, for another year, emerged as the most popular company for Greeks.


In particular, the Japanese firm recorded 10,268 sales of new cars, leaving in second place Peugeot with 7,927 sales, and in third place VW with 6,892 cars.

In the sales of premium companies, the "crown" for Greeks in 2020 goes to Mercedes with 3,607 sales, followed by BMW with 3,159 cars and Audi with 2,697 registrations.

Below you can see the top 20 selling brands for Greeks in 2020:

  • Toyota: 10,268 sales
  • Peugeot: 7,927 sales
  • VW: 6,892 sales
  • Hyundai: 5,225 sales
  • Opel: 5,051 sales
  • Nissan: 4,860 sales
  • Citroen: 3,820 sales
  • Suzuki: 3,702 sales
  • Mercedes: 3,607 sales
  • Renault: 3,253 sales
  • Skoda: 3,221 sales
  • BMW: 3,159 sales
  • Ford: 2,796 sales
  • Audi: 2,697 sales
  • Fiat: 2,835 sales
  • Kia: 2,412 sales
  • Dacia: 1,634 sales
  • SEAT: 1,622 sales
  • MINI: 1,616 sales
  • Volvo: 1,477 sales

It is worth noting that despite the decline in sales, the top three brands managed to increase their shares compared to 2019 (Toyota: 12.7%, + 1.7%, Peugeot: 9.8%, +1 , 2%, VW: 8.5%, + 0.2%).

It is also very interesting to note that although the entire car market moved in reduced sales numbers compared to 2019, there were two brands that increased their sales compared to last year.

The first of these was Jeep, which saw its number of registrations reach 912 cars, recording an impressive increase of 53.8%, while the second was Land Rover, which sold 365 new models in 2020, showing an increase in sales of 14, 4%.

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Finally, 2020 was the first year in history in which Tesla recorded double-digit sales in our country (22 cars).

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In 2021 the sales of the models of the brand are expected to be much more, since it will be the first full year during which Tesla is officially active in Greece.

Spyros Hotos is a correspondent for News Auto.

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