Hellenic Post taking a stand to stamp out bullying

Hellenic Post taking a stand to stamp out bullying

The Hellenic Post (ELTA) has released a commemorative series of stamps dedicated to putting an end to bullying at schools.

The initiative is taking place within the context of ELTA’s wider social contribution, under the auspices of the Education Ministry, which also includes sending posters to all primary and secondary schools.

The four stamps which carry the slogan “Stop Bullying”, illustrate the different forms of bullying and highlight the problems of social isolation, cyberharassment, pain, loneliness, cruelty and marginalization.

In a statement, ELTA said, “A series of stamps that envision love, respect, friendship and gentle rivalry in children’s communities and bring the message into schools. For a better future. For a society without violence and fear.”

The stamps are now available at all post offices in Greece or online.

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