100-year-old man wearing traditional Cretan head piece receives COVID-19 vaccine


The process of vaccination of over 85 years is progressing smoothly in Crete, Creta Live reported.

The vaccination coverage of the population over 85 years of age started smoothly in Crete, in all the hospitals of the 7th Health District.

According to the relevant announcement, the flow of the vaccination program in all eight hospitals of the island was normal and the attendance of the vaccinated is continuous.

Among them is Pantalos Andronikos, a 100 year-old-man from Psiloritis who, accompanied by his daughter, was vaccinated on Saturday afternoon at the Rethymnon Hospital.

Vaccination of the age-old Psiloritis
Pantalos Andronikos being vaccinated.

Most notable is that the man adorned a traditional Cretan head piece while being vaccinated.

Pantalos Andronikos with his daughter.

According to the National Plan, on the 20th of the month, the first vaccination lines are expected to start in Primary Health Care units of the four Regional units of the island.

Gradually, all vaccination lines will be developed in Crete.