General Floros to Turkey: To those who recognise us as an enemy, we will behave accordingly

Floros Egypt

General Konstantinos Floros made a powerful speech during his visit to Egypt in which he warned that whoever recognises Greece as an enemy will result in Greek actions being in accordance to that recognition.

"It is a great pleasure and honor to be here today, as my visit to Egypt is not a mere ceremonial visit to any country in the world," General Floros stressed.

Image from Hellenic National Defence General Staff.

"My visit to Egypt comes after a long-term cooperation we have with this state, this sister state, which is a factor of stability and peace and we have deep and strong relations, both in the Armed Forces and at the level of governments," he continued.

In fact, General Floros stressed that "the role that Egypt plays in the Mediterranean is crucial and we are constantly upgrading our relations."

"For several years now, we have been carrying out activities together, which show and demonstrate our common will to stabilize the region as much as possible," General Floros said.

"At the same time, the chief of military pointed out that "there are some cracks and some shocks in the region due to a specific state".

He stressed: "We do not recognize anyone as an enemy unless he first recognizes us. Whoever recognizes us as an enemy, we also recognize him."

General Floros concluded by making special reference to the strong relations between Greece and Egypt:

"A good and strong partner for security and stability in the region is Egypt. The meetings with the Egyptian Minister of Defense made the three-day official visit very productive.

"Egypt will always be a special and prominent partner and the deepening of the very good cooperation we have with the Egyptian armed forces, the deepening of relations and the planning and other activities in the region, are aimed at stability, security and peace in the region, with a view to the progress and prosperity of the our states and the states of all the peoples of the region.

"We, in this cooperation we have with the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, do not recognize enemies, we are open to everyone. Dialogue and international law are the way to resolve any differences. We do not recognize enemies, but those who recognize us as an enemy, we must behave accordingly."

Meanwhile, Patriarch Theodoros II expressed happiness and his prayers for General Floros' visit.

Image from Hellenic National Defence General Staff.

"I pray to the mother of the generals, to the Virgin Mary, for your glorious enlisted children and for you personally", stressed the Patriarch of Alexandria Theodoros, expressing his joy that General Floros made his first visitor to the Patriarchate in 2021.

Image from Hellenic National Defence General Staff.

At the same time, he pointed out that "when you want peace, you must always be ready and prepare for war."

Image from Hellenic National Defence General Staff.