Dendias to Lavrov: "Russia's role in the Greek Revolution was important"

Russia Greece Nikos Dendias Sergey Lavrov

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias spoke by telephone today with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

According to an announcement by the Greek Foreign Minister, the course of bilateral relations was put on the table, with emphasis on political dialogue, economic and trade relations, as well as culture.

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Nikos Dendias (Left) and Sergey Lavrov (Right)

In fact, in the last part, special emphasis was given to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution as Russia contributed significantly in securing Greek independence.

The Greek Foreign Minister also briefed the leading Russian diplomat on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the EU's relations with Moscow.

The Greek Foreign Ministry said "Dendias stressed the importance of maintaining communication channels and an open and honest dialogue."

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"At the same time, however, he expressed his concern about the prospects of these relations in the light of recent developments," the ministry added.

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