Investment Minister: We will never forget China's help, we are grateful

Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiades

Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiades, in an interview with Xinhua News expressed Greece's appreciation to China because of their investments at a time when the Greek economy was in a severe depression.

In the same interview, he also stressed his hopes that Greek-Chinese economic relations will continue to flourish in the post-pandemic period.

"Before the pandemic our economic relationships were great and they were accelerating," the minister said.

"Of course, during the pandemic crisis there was a slow down, because practical issues were in front, but I am totally sure that now as we are exiting the pandemic, everything will continue as we have scheduled," Georgiades continued.

He explained that the main areas of the Greek-Chinese "mutual relationship" is in energy, tourism, ports and logistics.

"China is one of the most important foreign investors in our country. China came with COSCO and State Grid and invested in Greece in very difficult times for our economy," Georgiades said.

Next, the Greek minister expressed his thanks to Beijing for investing in Greece when the economy was suffering.

"We will never forget that, and China still searches to do major investments in Greece, having a lot of its banks come here in Greece and help our recovery in a more speedy way," he continued.

So, we are grateful for China," Georgiades added.

"The only thing we want to say is that we are eager to continue our plans and our follow-up investments here in Greece and find ways to leave behind all this pandemic crisis and continue our lives," he stressed.

"We support it and as a government we have done what we could in order to be able to find the common way, ground with European Union and China in our future economic relationships," the minister concluded.

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