Homer Simpson Meets the Ancient Greek Poet Homer in Sydney


An inflatable five-metre tall sculpture, mixing a bust of the ancient Greek poet Homer with the head of animation character Homer Simpson, is among the highlights of an artist fair held in Sydney from 18 to 21 March.

This will not be the first appearance of Homer Down Under.

The artwork by the European artist collective Cool Shit was seen in December 2020 at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, staged on Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia.

Sculpture by the Sea 2019 comes to Cottesloe, WA | The Senior | 2259
Sculpture by the Sea.

But artists state "excited" about the sculpture's Sydney debut at the Other Art Fair.

The amalgamation of the Odyssey and Iliad author with one of the greatest comic creations is like a meme coming to life, only it is huge and made of fabric.

HomerThe sculpture, which depicts Homer Simpson's bulbous yellow head atop the ancient author's fierce bearded chin, is made from "reams of lightweight fabric and, well, air", said Danger Dave.

"Finally, we focus on the experience... Our goal is to deliver unique and unparalleled encounters through our art," he added.

The Cutaway. For more information, visit theotherartfair.com/sydney

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