Salamis will finally connect to Athens by car without a ferry

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An extremely complex project to build an underwater vehicle tunnel to the island of Salamis from Perama, which has been reviewed at least 40 time, now enters the implementation stage after many years of delay.

The project has been submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to study environmental impacts.

After approval from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, a tender for the project will be released.

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The project will have a construction duration of 5 years and a budget of 350 million euros.

The environmental study of the project includes in detail:

  • A road section with a total length of 4.5 km in order to bypass the Municipality of Perama.
  • The underwater connection with a Road Tunnel 1 km long from Perama to the small island of Agios Georgios next to Salamis.
  • The road section from Agios Georgios to Salamis.
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The General Secretary of Infrastructure, George Karagiannis, stated "this project is extremely important because it will upgrade the whole of Western Attica, and especially the wider area of Perama, but also Salamis.

"On the one hand it will greatly decongest Perama, and on the other it will upgrade Salamis," he added.

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