Hagia Sophia - International Photo Contest

Hagia Sophia - International Photo Contest

Hagia Sophia - International Photo Contest

The Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO) in collaboration with OrthPhoto.net have organised a photography contest with the theme: “Hagia Sophia: The churches of the Wisdom of God in history and in the world”.

The purpose of the contest is to highlight the concept of the "Wisdom of God" in the modern world and to promote the churches that have been built in its honour for centuries.

The Church of the Holy Wisdom of God in the City of cities, Istanbul, the “Great Church,” the “Great Monastery,” is a unique monument with a universal character that "belongs to humanity and the world cultural heritage.” Hagia Sophia of Istanbul was the model, which was followed by the building of hundreds of churches until today, all over the Orthodox world dedicated to the Wisdom of God.

Click here for more information on the international photo contest.

Entering the competition is free of charge. Entries must be received by the 31st of May 2021.

Each application should be followed by a brief and accurate factual reference to the history of the monument. It may also be accompanied by a recent or old photos with general view to provide photographic information about the concrete monument.

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