The TOP 10 Greek Influencers YOU should be following

Digital creator Christina Bompa Tanimanides donates the dress she wore at her first appearance as a presenter of The Voice of Greece

Not too long-ago celebrities were considered the real 'influencers'. Brands spent extravagant amounts of money to merely connect their equity to actors, musicians and athletes. You'll see this mainly in TV commercials for particular brands and health products which sports stars endorse. These days, Personal Trainers have nearly overtaken athletes in 'fitness influencing'. But more on this phenomenon another time.
These nearly inconceivable to measure connections have changed dramatically over the last few years. With the quick rise in popularity of apps like Instagram and Tok-Tok, actors, musicians and athletes are now in a league of their own with Instagram celebrities taking over in terms of influencing people.
Influencers have become their own boss. Usually, a brand will simply DM Instagram influencers with the product offer, with no wearying process of reaching an agreement through the star's management, EA or PR team.
So, in essence, Instagram influencers are now more popular than most celebrities. And some have a much higher following than celebrities, too.

Surprisingly, Greece, being a small country has a rather large number of very 'influential influencers'. These influencers post engaging content ranging from fitness to arts and crafts.
Considering most of us are living in a Covid-19 world with regular lockdowns and the inability to travel, our best bet to seeing Greece is through Instagram, at least temporarily.
Featuring fashion influencers, food bloggers, beauty bloggers and regular people just like you who've turned their passion into a hobby, all blessed with a great eye for photography, this list of Instagram celebrities will make you fall in love all over again with Athens, the famous Greek islands, and the rest of the world.

GCT scoured Instagram for the best influencers in the Greece and here's who we found:

1. Christina Bompa Tanimanides. Christina posts about everything Lifestyle related, from travel, workouts, healthy eating, pregnancy, fashion and beauty. Definitely, one to look out for if you're a health advocate.

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Christina Bompa Tanimanides

2. Akis Petretzikis. It is safe to say that Akis is Greece's most influential chef. His Instagram feed is covered in mouth-watering photos of incredible food and drinks. He also has his own cooking masterclasses, a TV cooking show and a cookbook. If you're a foodie, you must follow Akis! Yum.

Akis Petretzikis

3. Ioánna Toýni. Ioanna or Joanna in English is a Greek Entrepreneur. She is the owner of several businesses including @bubblegun_world and @ranjers_. Joanna is also a Certified School Teacher, Fashion Designer and Youtuber. I don't know about you, but Joanna's Instagram feed motivates us here at GCT!

Ioánna Toýni

4. Antonis Leivadiotis. Antonis is perhaps one of the most influential male travel influencers in Greece. He posts mainly about travel, but also fashion and lifestyle. He has a great eye for Greece and its many attractions. He's one to follow if you're trying to beat those Greek holiday blues.

Antonis Leivadiotis

5. Dimitri Michailidis. We couldn't leave this guy out. Dimitris is an art director and graphic designer with immense talent. He has a stunning feed that showcases brilliant examples of conceptual photography. Michailidis is the man behind the One film project, the first Instagram short film. I bet not many of you knew that! Definitely an up-and-coming genius!

Dimitris Michailidis photo by MattLouder

6. Madame Ginger, aka Marilou Pantaki is a Chef and food blogger. This incredible cook is presumably the reason why brunch finally made an arrival in Greece. Marilou used to work in Mama Roux’s kitchen and for New York Sandwiches. She must be one busy lady, with an online magazine where she shares recipes and suggestions on where to eat in Greece. When it comes to food inspiration, her Instagram account is one you should follow without any hesitation. You can never get enough food, especially if you're Greek.

Madame Ginger

7. Corina Nika Dadami. Corina's Instagram feed is simply aesthetically incredible! Her account has some of the most incredible natural landscape photos of Greece we've seen so far. Originally from Russia, Corina is a designer, hand letterer, and art director who currently lives in Kefalonia with her husband, Theo. Just a heads up, her Instagram feed might make you want to move to Greece permanently.

Corina Nika Dadami

8. Hara Pappa. Hara is simply stunning, the epitome of classical Greek Beauty. She is a freelance model and a Youtuber, showcasing beauty tutorials such as Smokey eyes and applying fake tan. Follow Hara for all things beauty and fashion related.

Hara Pappa

9. Marina Grigoriou. Marina is one of those enviably multi-talented Greek women. She is a Journalist, professional MUA (specialising in Bridal Makeup) and the First Runner Up in Miss Hellas 2019. On her feed, you'll find everything from beauty, fashion, food and fitness.

Marina Grigoriou

10. Konstantinos Vasalos. Finally, a personal trainer in the mix! Yes, we had to add Konstantinos to the list. He is a well-known Instagram influencer/personal trainer who provides diet and workout plans to his followers. Konstantinos's feed is filled with photos of his travels (he's been to over 10 different countries), sports, his cat and LOTS of six-pack inspiration. You'd be silly not to check him out.

Konstantinos Vasalos

To round things up, Instagram influencers can be found anywhere in the world and they share some amazing content. But let's be honest, Greek influencers are the best! You know what we mean.
If we've missed any Greek influencers who you think should be on our list, flick us an email! Happy scrolling.

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