Migrants film themselves desecrating Greek Orthodox Church (VIDEO)

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A shocking video is gathering attention on social media as it shows illegal immigrants filming themselves entering and desecrating a Greek Orthodox church.

While it is difficult to gather more information on the location, it is a painful video to watch.

Two migrants enter a small Greek Orthodox church, dancing and playing loud music.

Then in the video you can see the aftermath of the damaged Church.

migrantThe video was then later uploaded on TikTok by the migrants themselves and quickly gathered attention and sparked outrage on Twitter.

We should remember that Greece spent 400 years under Turkish Islamic rule and that the fight for freedom was bloody.

With that in mind it is even more dramatic seeing these images of fighting age migrants desecrating Greek holy places and having no respect for the country they are allegedly seeking refuge in.

It reminds us that the only solution to this sort of escalation is closing the border and imposing a strict deportation campaign.

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  1. Some one will be able to identify the Church. Then the vandals will be regionally close and can be identified and lawfully punished then kicked out of HELLAS