Greece among eight EU countries providing incentives for electric cars

Electric car subsidies in Greece

Greece will be among eight EU countries to provide incentives for electric cars, the Secretary General for Energy and Mineral Raw Materials, Alexandra Sdoukou, said on Thursday.

The comments were made during the online event "Electricity: technological developments and the prospects of Greek-German cooperation."

"Thanks to the framework for the promotion of e-mobility that we have established, Greece is currently included in the eight EU countries which provide a comprehensive web of incentives, both direct and indirect, for replacing old, obsolete and polluting vehicles," Sdoukou said.

Electric cars Karditsa

"The result of this policy was to see a spectacular increase in electric car registrations in 2020, culminating in December when the rate reached 10%," she added.

As she pointed out, the initiatives taken so far by Greece's Environment and Energy Ministry.

The he best example she gave was of the "I MOVE ELECTRICALLY" initiative, which has led to a roughly 30% reduction in the purchase cost of an electric vehicle, making them more affordable.

EUROSOL EUROSOL RES Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Greece.
EUROSOL RES Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Greece.

"Our vision is to set up production units in the electromobility chain in the country, to develop industry and to create jobs," she said.

She also noted that there are already generous financial incentives for building production lines for the construction and assembly of, for example, electric scooters, cars or chargers.

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