YouTube deletes video of Turkish businessman saying Armenian Genocide is "slander of the century"

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YouTube has deleted a propagandistic video made in Turkey that denies the Armenian Genocide.

"Doğan Kasadolu, a Jewish-Turkish businessman living in Constantinople and known for his anti-coup speeches, made a statement on a television channel the day Biden made a statement," Super Haber reported.

YouTube deleted a video of Kasadolu describing the Armenian Genocide, and in effect the Greek and Assyrian Genocides too, as the "slander of the century."

It was deleted because of the obvious hate speech in the video.


In speaking to Super Haber, the businessman said "this is acceptable."

"YouTube does not want to face the facts," he claimed, before saying what legal avenues he can pursue.

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  1. Facebook is not neutral. It does not value freedom of thought and speech, but, without hesitation, it publishes the insults of the Armenians and their supporters to the Turkish nation. Its employees are either ignorant or for unknown reasons helping Armenians and their supporters. It does not comply with the rules of international law. For example, the UN 1948 Convention. Another example is Application 2710/08 which states “ No parliament (not even the UN General Assembly) or body has the authority to use the “term – genocide” other than “an international tribunal authorized for this purpose”. I kindly request those employees read at least what did Kaçaznuni said, what did French historian Yves Benard say as one of his books’ title, i.e. “Génocide Arménien – et si on nous avait menti?