Turkish DM: Greece will continue making mistakes and achieve nothing

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar

According to Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar, Greece “will achieve nothing” and “constantly makes mistakes.”

“Unfortunately, no matter how much goodwill we show, our Greek neighbours provoke huge events, increase tension and use provocative and threatening language,” he said today when speaking at the Gölcük Naval Base.

“They will not end up anywhere, unfortunately, they will constantly make mistakes,” he said, without referring to any “mistakes” Greece has made.

He emphasised that “with our stand in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, we paved the way for a political solution.”

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar.
Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar.

This is an extremely curious claim to make considering Turkey is the architect for war and occupation in Libya, Cyprus and Syria – all East Mediterranean countries that have experienced atrocities by the Turkish military

“We do not look at anyone’s lands, seas, law and rights,” he said as Turkey continues to occupy large areas of Libya, Syria and Cyprus outside of international law or permission from these country’s central authorities.

In fact, only on Monday did Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Manqoush tell her Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu directly, as well as Akar on their visit to Tripoli, that Turkey must not delay withdrawing their soldiers and Syrian mercenaries from the country.

“We call on [Turkey] to take steps to implement all the provisions of … the Security Council resolutions and to cooperate together to expel all foreign forces and mercenaries from the Libyan territories,” al-Manqoush said.

Despite this only being said two days ago, Akar still had the audacity to say that Turkey does not “look at anyone’s lands, seas, laws and rights” whilst simultaneously refusing to withdraw from Libya.

“However, everyone should know very well that we will not allow our slightest right to be violated,” Akar added.

At the same time, regarding the Cyprus issue, Akar stated that Cyprus is a national issue of Turkey and noted that a two-state structure is now necessary, despite receiving no support from the UN, EU, U.S., China or Russia.

Turkey is increasingly frustrated that it is internationally isolated and has become a pariah state whilst Greece has built close and strategic partnerships with France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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