Greek Foreign Ministry hits back at Turkey's claim that the Greek Genocide is a "delusion"

Greek Foreign Ministry Turkey

Following Turkey's statement that the Greek Genocide is a "delusion" and a "distortion of history," the Greek Foreign Ministry hit back at Ankara's historical revisionism.

"We are particularly disappointed to see the rehearsal of the falsification of the historical truth repeated once again through the announcement of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"Lying, falsifying history and using inflammatory rhetoric are not in line with the promotion of good neighborly relations by a country that wants to be a member of the European Family," the statement continued.

The Greek Foreign Ministry then stressed that Turkey's recognition of the genocide "is a necessary step and a guarantee of the commitment that gloomy moments such as the genocide of Pontian Hellenism will not be repeated."

The Ministry also stressed that "self-criticism, apology to the relatives of the victims and abandonment of the revisionism are a sign of strength and not weakness"

"They are a precondition for good faith dialogue on the basis of international law and the fight against the extremes of nationalism, for the healing of the wounds of the past and the reconciliation of peoples and states, to consolidate their peaceful coexistence," the statement concluded.

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