Syria's presidential elections opens for expatriates in Cyprus

Syrian elections in Cyprus

Although the 2021 Syrian presidential election is not scheduled until May 26, voting stations for diaspora communities have opened, including in Cyprus.

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A Syrian woman voting in Cyprus. Photo Credit: SANA.

The three presidential candidates are incumbent president Bashar al-Assad, Abdullah Salloum Abdullah and Mahmoud Ahmed Merei, although it is expected that longtime president Assad will win the elections with ease.

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A Syrian woman voting in Cyprus. Photo Credit: SANA.

Representatives from the parliaments of Algeria, Oman, Mauritania, Russia, Iran, Armenia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Belarus, South Africa, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia will monitor and supervise the electoral process.

A Syrian man voting in Cyprus. Photo Credit: SANA.

Diaspora Syrians are also able to vote in Australia, Japan, Lebanon, Spain, France and many other countries.

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