Lycabettus Hill To Undergo Major Makeover

Lycabettus Hill is a must see in Athens

Lycabettus Hill, an iconic landmark in Athens, is to undergo a major overhaul designed to make it safer and more attractive to visitors and residents.

The hill's 407 acres belong to the Municipality of Athens. In contrast, the other 35 belong to the Public Properties Company S.A. (ETAD), which, until recently, didn't allow the Municipality to proceed with the enhancement works first announced in 2019. 

Through common sense and a mutual spirit of cooperation, the Municipality of Athens and the Public Properties Company S.A. (ETAD) made an agreement, setting into motion a series of works that will upgrade the hill and its facilities.

The project's primary goal is to reconstruct and reopen the landmark Lycabettus Theatre, which has remained closed for almost 20 years. 

Lycabettus Theater makeover to build on mythological aesthetic |

The CEO of the Public Properties Company, Mr Stefanos D. Vlastos, recently signed an agreement with the Mayor of Athens, Mr Kostas Bakogiannis, to hand over jurisdiction of the 35-acres area of the hill to the Municipality of Athens so it can complete the upgrade

Mr. Kostas Bakogiannis said: "Our cooperation with ETAD untangled a "knot" that has kept us bound to bureaucracy and opens a new chapter for the historic Lycabettus Theatre and the surrounding area."

"It turns out that we can find solutions when we all look for them together and set common goals. Lycabettus Hill is part of an ongoing drive for the overhaul of the Greek capital and its transformation into a modern and sustainable city that respects its residents and invests in free public spaces, improving the daily life of citizens and visitors."

Lykavittos Hill | Athens, Greece Attractions - Lonely Planet tips:

  • This spot is popular to watch the sunset, we recommend getting there early if you want the best view.
  • Explore the suburb of Kolonaki before or after you visit Lycabettus Hill.
  • If you decide to climb to the top by foot, wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and carry a bottle of water.
  • Photos don’t do Lycabettus Hill any justice you will be amazed.
  • Sit down and enjoy a coffee or cool drink at Cafe Lycabettus.
  • Book in advance for a good spot at Orizontes restaurant.

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