Russian Navy Tracking Greek Missile Boat HS Daniolos in Black Sea, Russian Defense Ministry Says

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The Russian Defense Ministry said its Black Sea Fleet was tracking a Greek guided-missile boat that entered the Black Sea on Saturday.

"The Black Sea Fleet has deployed forces and equipment to monitor the actions of the HS Daniolos guided-missile boat, which entered the Black Sea on July 10, 2021," a statement read.

Greece is a participant in Sea Breeze 2021 — a military exercise that was conducted by the United States and its NATO allies in the Black Sea from June 28 till July 10, officially — under the commitment to "maintain the safety and security of the Black Sea". The NATO exercise involved 5,000 soldiers, 40 airplanes and 32 vessels from 32 countries.

While the drills were finished on Saturday, simultaneously, some of the Sea Breeze vessels are taking part in the Bulgarian-led Breeze naval drills, and will remain in the area for some time, the US Navy said