Campaign launched to boost Greek wine tourism

Papagiannakos Winery

Targeting niche markets, the first digital portal focused on Greek wine tourism will be launched in the coming days and will initially present 90 wineries across the country that are ready to receive visitors.

As part of efforts to promote Greek wineries, the National Wine Tourism Council is being created with the participation of ministries, partners such as the National Interprofessional Organisation of Vine and Wine, and individuals in the sector.

Alternative tourism is funded by programs included in the recovery fund.

The actions for the promotion of wine tourism and other alternative forms of tourism were recently presented on Santorini by Deputy Tourism Minister Sofia Zacharaki during a two-day conference.

“The aim is for the visit to the winery to be an unforgettable experience and not just a tour,” said Master of Wine Yiannis Karakasis, addressing the conference.
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  1. After visiting your wonderful Greece every year for the last 12 (exception 2020 coved bummer) and going from one wine region to another I have a difficult time choosing which is best. My true inclination is wine from the Nema area is slight above all. ‘The problem I have is finding any wines from from Greece in general in Kentucky.
    We must go to Chicago, or Tarpon Springs (Tampa area) to find even a limited selection. But don’t loose heart we are returning in September for three weeks of touring, tasting, and generally enjoying your wonderful country.

    Where can we find information on your promotions?
    Damon Smith