Dutch media list their top 5 Greek 'religious' destinations; Patmos comes first


Dutch media have been busy covering the topic of religious tourism this year, nominating their favourite Greek destinations in the sector.

According to Griekenland.net, the  Dutch "tourist source" exclusively for trips to Greece, leading the nominations in the list of the  top five suggested destinations in  Greece for religious tourism is the island of Patmos.

Following Patmos are Meteora, Mount Athos, Aegina and Paros.

It comes as no surprise with Patmos as a delegation of Dutch journalists visited the island at the end of June at the invitation of the local municipality, and were extremely impressed following their tour of the beaches and villages, the Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian, the labyrinth straits of Chora and the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse that Saint John wrote the book of Revelation in 95 AD.

Meanwhile the Municipality of Patmos has also being proactive with a domestic tourist campaign with promotions across  17 Metro stations of Attica with slogans such as "Patmos Apocalypse, Destination ... Enjoyment!" and "Patmos Apocalypse, Destination ... Escape!"

Promotional screenings of Patmos will run for 14 days in places of high passenger visibility across the Athens Metro network.