Mykonos Beach Bars Lead the World in Instant C0VID-19 Testing

Beach Bar Mykonos Scorpios Test Centre

Mykonos Beach Bars are leading the world in instantaneous testing for C0VID-19.

Beach bar customers have the opportunity to take a rapid test at specially set up C0VID-19 test centres before entering the venue, with the results being available within just 20 minutes.

With the slogan "safety above all", the businesses of Mykonos have taken a path of feverish preparation for the construction of a firewall against the spread of the coronavirus.

After a high degree of transmission of the virus on the island led to the activation of emergency restrictions, beach bars have set up special areas for rapid C0VID-19 testing prior to customers entering the venue.

The well-known Scorpios is just one of a list of beach bars participating in this initiative, designed as part of an attempt to balance continued operations with control of the coronavirus.

Two custom designed containers appear to have been placed outside Scorpios, so that visitors can either perform rapid, also known as fast, tests or PCR, known as molecular tests.

According to information from, the tests will be performed with the assistance of doctors and nurses from private clinics.

"We believe that Scorpios is a place that offers fun to everyone, which means that care for safety and health must be taken into account," Scorpios said in a statement, referring to safety and health protocol measures.

“We ask all guests to make reservations for tables keeping in mind up to 10 people and social distances.

"We will not yet have a dance floor due to the coronavirus regulations, so you can enjoy the music sitting at your table.

"The health of visitors and staff is undoubtedly our priority.

"For this reason, there is a special point for performing a coronavirus test, so we suggest that you be examined before entering the club".

Patrons of Scorpios will be able to take rapid or PCR tests prior to entering the club by first making an appointment which entails completing the appointment form on the company's website.

The rapid test costs 30 euros and the PCR test 70 euros.

mykonos beach bars scorpios

When does the fun return

Mykonos entered the "red" zone according to health authorities last Saturday, after a high number of infections was found with experts claiming that four in every 100 people on the island are testing positive to  coronavirus.

The regulations in Mykonos currently include a traffic ban imposed from 01:00 to 06:00, no singing or dancing in venues, compulsory mask-wearing and social distancing depending on the size of each store or establishment.

The measures taken, as stated by the health officials, have paid off, with infections in Mykonos having recently decreased significantly as a result.

On Thursday 45 cases were recorded, while according to the latest information from the Civil Protection Authorities, the decisions regarding the lifting of the restrictions will be announced on Monday.

The situation has put all the businesses of the island on high alert having put much time into special planning so that this year, despite the global pandemic, might still be a very promising, tourist year for Mykonos.

In the fear that further restrictions would lead to a l0ckdown for the whole summer with the resulting significant loss of income, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalia announced that all unvaccinated catering and tourism workers on the island must undergo two mandatory COVID-19 tests per week.

Five measures that have been put in place for greater security against the spread of coronavirus include:

1) Renewal of GreenPass every 72 hours by PCR or rapid test.

2) Mandatory use of masks outdoors.

3) Providing facilities to EODY in order to allocate means and staff, to perform rapid tests on a daily basis.

4) Cooperation with the health authorities for better dispersement of accurate information, but also to provide hospitality employees greater incentives to be vaccinated.

5) Intensification of penalities and targeted interventions to control illegal parties.

According to Greece's Shipping Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis, a total of 4,500 travellers were not allowed to board ferries last week as they did not have the necessary COVID-19 documents, that being a vaccination certification and a EU Green Pass.

"The efforts for safe trips with ferries continues and will continue," he stressed.

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