Greece sends aircraft to help Italy battle catastrophic fires in Sardinia


Greece has sent two Canadair CL-415 aircraft yesterday to help Italy in its fight against catastrophic fires raging on the island of Sardinia.

Greece  immediately responded with help following Sardinia's request for support from other regions of the country, while Italy, in turn, appealed to EU member states for additional assistance.

Greece and the  Civil Protection Authority responded immediately to Italy's request for assistance through the European Civil Protection Mechanism (rescEU), said Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias

"Two Canadair CL-415 aircraft are sent to assist Italy in its fight against the catastrophic fires in S . "2 Canadair CL-415 aircraft ready to depart for Sardinia, which is being tested by catastrophic fires", said Mr  Hardalias.

In the last twenty-four hours in the wider area of ​​the city of Oristano, on the island of Sardinia, a series of fires burned more than 200,000 acres of forest and cultivated areas. Four hundred people were forced to flee their homes.

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