CNN Türk analyst on American bases in Greece: The US is showing their barrels to Turkey


The accumulation of American forces in military base in Greece is causing serious embarrassment and annoyance in Turkey.

Analyst Öztürk Yılmaz referred to the accumulation of American forces in Alexandroupolis and said: "The United States of America will first control the Aegean here. They will control it in favour of Greece and that base will expand it even more."

He claimed that the U.S. will support Greece's positions on the Flight Information Region line over the Aegean.

Yılmaz said Washington wants to create competition between Turkey and Greece and that the U.S. turned Turkey into an ally on paper only and that there is no allied spirit left between the two countries..

Regarding U.S. bases in Greece, the former diplomat said they would be used more against Turkey and less against Russia.

Analyst İsmet Özçelik, who spoke after Yılmaz, said: "Look, there is no need for discussion anymore. They show their barrels."

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