Giannis Brings it Home to Greece


"We are on our way and we are bringing the Cup."

As tweeted by both Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks two hours ago, Giannis is on his way back home to Greece after the team's historic victory in the NBA Finals.

This was the first NBA win for the Bucks in 50 years, since the last time they took home the title in 1971.

From struggling with his family as a child on the streets of Athens, Giannis was not only part of the winning NBA team, but his first-class 50-point performance also won him the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award.


Giannis' message to his Greek fans last week was "I want 100 K fans waiting for me and my family at the airport" upon his return to Greece with the Cup.

To celebrate the return of Giannis and his family to Greece with the cup, let's give him a warm welcome using the hashtag #GiannisBringsitHome.

This will be the biggest celebration since Greece won the Euro Cup in 2004.


Giannis, Thananis and Kostas Antetokounmpo become first three brothers to win NBA championships