Greek singer thanks Virgin Mary for miracle healing after car accident

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Renowned singer Ilias Vrettos returned to the island of Naxos three years after a car accident that left him unable to speak or walk, to fulfil a vow (tama) he made to Virgin  Mary Panagia Argokiliotissa.

Three years ago Vrettos made a vow to thank her if she healed him and he did.  True to his word, after his remarkable recovery the singer returned and visited her cave in Naxos and venerated Panagia Argokiliotissa and thanked her for the miracle of healing.

The acclaimed singer made a post on his personal Instagram account, which shows him holding a large candle and doing his cross in front of an icon of the Virgin Mary.

“Three years ago I came to Naxos with crutches and operated vocal cords with my doctors and friends Marianna Korre and Nik Baxevanos. I wasn’t able to speak nor walk. They brought me to Panagia Argokiliotissa and Her miraculous cave with the holy water that comes out of the rock! I made a vow that I would get well and come back to thank Her, and would climb the steps to Her cave which I couldn’t at that time! Today I fulfilled my Tama and I just realised that completely by chance today in the old calendar belongs to the prophet Ilia and I celebrate! Incredible emotions and God-sent coincidences make me smile today! I love you! Our help and the great grace of Our Lady!”.

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