More areas evacuated in Evia as fire burns through forest

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Hundreds of residents and holidaymakers were evacuated from six villages on the island of Evia on Tuesday, as a wildfire raged in the area of Limni, on its western coast.

“We are putting everything into battling the blaze,” Central Greece Regional Governor Fanis Spanos said in an announcement.

According to locals, the fire, helped by strong winds, went west and is moving towards the settlement of Chronia, which is between Limni and Rovies and the ground fire fighting forces and the locals are trying to make a protection zone, but the strong winds do not help their efforts, while the holidaymakers in the area try to move to areas near the sea for safety reasons.

The fire in the north of Evia is out of control. It's headed toward the monastery of Saint David and the waterfalls of Drimona, while the forests burn. The mayor of Limni declared a state of emergency.

A new alert just from the early warning system was just announced via the 112 number.