Eurostat: Explosive increase in exports, Greece in 2nd place

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The eurozone's trade surplus rose sharply in June from May, according to data released by the European Union's statistical office on Friday, as exports rose faster than month-on-month imports.

Eurostat said the surplus was 18.1 billion euros, up from 7.5 billion euros in May.

Exports from the euro area amounted to 209.9 billion euros in June, up 22% month-on-month. Imports increased by 17% to 191.8 billion euros.

On an annual basis, the trade surplus decreased slightly from June 2020, when it was 20 billion euros. Compared to last year, euro area imports grew faster than exports.

In June 2021, compared to the corresponding month last year, all Member States recorded a significant increase in exports outside the EU.

The largest increases were recorded in Malta, Greece (47.3%) and Cyprus (45.7%).


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