HELP GREECE: Greek Government opens State Aid Account for donations to fire victims


The Greek government has opened a special account entitled "State Aid Account - Individual Contributions" of Law 4797/2021 (A '66)  at the Bank of Greece, following the order of the Minister of Finance, to which donations can be submitted to finance support programs and actions. and aid to those affected by natural disasters, such as the large fires that hit areas of our country.

The IBAN code of the special account is: GR 9501000230000002341227461.

"During the extremely difficult conditions that our country is experiencing once again, with our fellow citizens being challenged and the catastrophic consequences of climate change already being felt, globally, the State has mobilized first, as it should, all available domestic and European resources for the immediate compensation and support of households and businesses affected by fires, initially, and the strengthening of Civil Protection and the restoration of the country's natural wealth, then." read a statement by the Ministry


Konstantinos Tsakalidis
Panayiota Noumidi became the 'face' of this Greek fire tragedy Image: © Konstantinos Tsakalidis

According to the Ministry, the government has proceeded with a submission of an additional budget of 500 million euros, by speeding up the procedures, to compensate every fire victim in any part of the country.

"In the last two years, the Government and the Ministry of Finance have managed multiple crises. The unprecedented health crisis, major natural disasters, national challenges and immigration pressures. We found the resources, we acted in time, we immediately compensated our compatriots, we built a "net" of protection and security over households and businesses, we strengthened the defense and we strengthened the power of the country. With the same speed and dedication to the goal, with modesty and respect for every citizen, we will act today, responding to the new challenge and the needs of our compatriots."

"In the crucial battle, however, to deal with the effects of fires and restore the natural wealth of our country, we can all assist. It is a test that requires responsibility and unity. The practical solidarity of citizens and businesses, to the extent that anyone and everyone can contribute, is valuable. The resources that will be deposited during the current period, will be allocated, in a framework of transparency and accountability, to targeted actions of support and reinforcement of the victims of fires and restoration of forest and other ecosystems, which will be made public ".


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