Lizzo, Cardi B transform into Greek goddesses for 'Rumors' music video

1920 lizzo rumoursvideo

Singer Lizzo Beating and rapper Cardi B teamed up for 'Rumors', Lizzo's first single in two years, and dropped a goddess inspired music video Friday to accompany the catchy track.

They've been teasing us with a collaboration and now Lizzo and Cardi B have delivered in with their new song 'Rumors'.

The girls appear as Grecian goddesses in the new music video, all about the tall tales that seem to be told about them!

Wearing a shimmery golden gown, not unlike a Greek peplos, and gold jewels, Lizzo enters a hall of statues, murals, and giant vases all painted with Classical Greek symbols gossiping behind her.

She uses the imagery of ancient Greek pottery and the caricatures of ancient Greeks drawn on murals, and larger than life, cartoonish symbols (these visual gags were often painted on Greek vases in the Hellenistic period) to squash the rumors about her past dalliances (with Drake, for example).