MIGRATION CRISIS: Greek islands brace for up to 500,000 refugees as Afghanistan falls to Taliban


The Taliban have defeated Afghanistan's government forces and have taken control of most of the country with Taliban fighters already in the capital of Kabul sparking fears of an unprecedented migration crisis that could see more than 500,000 refugees leaving the country and seeking haven in Europe via the Greek islands.

According to government sources, Greece has warned its EU partners of the impending crisis which could see the Greek islands once again bear the brunt of another regional crisis.

According to the  Al Jazeera news network  Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, his wife, his chief of staff and a national security adviser fled the country last night for Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said last night that he had left the country to prevent the bloodshed, acknowledging that the Taliban had "won" as insurgents entered the presidential palace in Kabul.

Ghani left to prevent clashes with the Taliban, which could endanger millions of Kabul residents, he said in a Facebook post - making his first comments since leaving the country.

"Today I was faced with a difficult choice: to wait and face the Taliban militants entering the presidential palace or to leave the country," Ghani wrote on Facebook. "I chose to leave so that I could prevent this bloodshed."

"The Taliban have won and are now responsible for honoring, occupying and protecting their country," he added in a Facebook post. "Now they are facing a new historic challenge. Either they are defending Afghanistan's name and honor or they are giving priority to other places and other networks," he continued.

Meanwhile Greece and its NATO allies are coordinating evacuation efforts.


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