Swede arrested in Halkidiki for drug trafficking and money laundering

Algerian halkidiki Thessaloniki

A Swedish national wanted by his country's authorities for trafficking large quantities of cocaine and money laundering was arrested at Nea Fokea, Halkidiki.

Against the 38-year-old was pending a European arrest warrant.

According to the file case, the suspect is accused for a least two cases of importing, by sea, 337 kilos of cocaine.

Additionally, the same person is accused of legalising from his illegal activities, 400,000 euros with which he bought land and other assets in Sweden, Germany, Greece and Panama.

The crimes appear to have been committed from the summer of 2020 until November 2020 in Sweden and other European countries.

The suspect is in custody and will be led to Thessaloniki prosecutor who will launch the procedures for his extradition to Sweden.

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