Five villages in Vilia evacuated due to fire threat

Vilia fire

At 4AM, firefighters suggested the precautionary evacuation of residents of five communities - Agia Paraskevi, Karaouli, Thea, Panorama and Titan - in the wider region of Vilia where a fire has been raging for four days.

According to the Fire Brigade, the constant changes in the direction of the winds create serious problems in Vilia, while winds are expected to further intensify after 10:00.

Five helicopters and five aircraft, including the Russian Beriev-200, operate in the area together with 427 firefighters, nine groups on foot, 149 vehicles, including METPE (Motorized Special Operations Department), and the 143 firefighters from Poland.

The OLYMPUS Mobile Operational Center has been provided to assist in the coordination of forces.

Assistance is also provided by many volunteer firefighters, construction equipment of the Greek Army as well as water tankers of the region and the local government.

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