A Father's Day Gift Like No Other

The Evzones Collection Father's Day gift

Give your dad the ultimate gift of Greek history, tradition, culture and art.  The entire Evzones Collection by Nick Bourdaniotis, a photographic exhibition, can be purchased in a beautifully presented coffee table book that is sure to become the perfect family heirloom.

The Evzones Collection Father's Day Gift

Plans to return to Melbourne for a second time, to head to Brisbane, Western Australia and even locally in Sydney, at locations like the Sydney Maritime Museum and Beta Grand among others, all came to a screeching halt when Sydney was forced into lock down for a second time.  The imminent and expected announcement for an extension to the time frame initially set by the NSW government, ensured that all states and territories were forced to make the decision to postpone until further notice.

This has placed a huge dampener on an exhibition that was gaining so much momentum this year, during Greece’s 200 years celebration of independence, which Australian Greeks and Australia at large had embraced with gusto, passion and love.  The Evzones Collection by Nick Bourdaniotis, a photographic exhibition, has suffered greatly, no different to all other events across Australia.

The Evzones Collection Father's Day Gift

Positive progress was being made for the Greek Australian community, raising much needed funds for Greek schools, hospices, nursing homes, soup kitchens and directly to the less fortunate, proudly raising and donating close to $30,000 from February to June 2021.  Mr Bourdaniotis said, “We were hoping to raise much more than that this year, but it all stopped with thanks to Covid.  This is another driver for me and the team behind the exhibition, who want to get back to exhibiting and auctioning prints, where all proceeds are donated to charities and a portion of all sales distributed to where it’s needed most.”

The Evzones Collection Father's Day gift

But Mr Bourdaniotis remains hopeful that once normalcy is restored, the exhibition would continue.  “We aim to continue with our tour around Australia, as it would be a travesty not to.  We must not take away the opportunity to view and experience this very important and historic exhibition from the general public,” Mr Bourdaniotis said.  “The aim is to choose new dates, even if it means the tour carries over to 2022 and beyond, just as soon as restrictions are lifted.”

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The entire exhibition, along with some of Mr Bourdaniotis’ other favourite photos of the Evzones (The Greek Presidential Guard), is yours to own in a beautifully printed and presented, perfect bound, hard cover photographic book online at www.greece2021.com.au /evzones and would make for the perfect Father’s Day gift.  The book is available to be purchased and shipped to anywhere around the world.  Just $100 AUD per book, plus delivery.

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