SWATCH: The collectible watch for the 200 years anniversary of the Greek War of Independence

Swatch Watch 1821 Greek War of Independence 200 years anniversary

Famous art director and logotype expert, Yorgo Tloupas, has made his mark on Swatch who made a collectible watch to commemorate 200 years since the 1821 Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire.

With a Greek father, the famous sculptor Philolaos, Yorgo Tloupas took responsible for the commercial campaigns of international companies, such as Omega and Loro Piana, and has kept strong ties with Greek culture.

He visits his family home in Greece every summer.

In Paris, where he lives, he has opened the first Greek cafe, Yorgaki, while he has designed visual identities for big brands such as Pernod Ricard, Lacoste and Hôtel de Crillon.

As Creative Director of magazines, he was the head of GQ France, Beaux-Arts and many others, while today he collaborates with Vanity Fair France.


In the limited edition watch - only 200 copies, as many as the years since the Greek Revolution he designed for Swatch, Yorgo Tloupas combines the historic flag (with the white cross and the four blue squares) and the current one (with the white cross in the blue square and the 9 horizontal and alternating white and cyan parallel stripes), in a set of parallel white and blue lines revealing a white and blue cross.


For Yorgo Tloupas, who teaches logo design at famous schools like Penninghen, IFM and SciencesPo Paris, the flag he chose as the main theme for the Swatch collectible watch is the symbol of the nation and the image of modern Greece's two centuries of progress.


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