Greek model and her partner sentenced to pre-trial detention after cocaine testimony

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Following their testimony on Monday to authorities after a cocaine bust, Greek model Elena Polychronopoulou  and her boyfriend were sentenced to pre-trial detention

The couple was brought before judicial authorities in the morning after criminal charges were brought against them for drug trafficking by the public prosecutor.

Polychronopoulou claimed that she knew nothing about the transport of 8 kilos of cocaine. In fact, as for the fact that the accused allegedly threw drugs in the toilet, according to her lawyer, it never happened.

Meanwhile her partner Dimitris Regginidis took full responsibility for the drugs claiming that his girlfriend Elena Polychronopoulou had nothing to do with the trafficking nor had any knowledge, while adding that due to personal use, he accrued large drug debts which he agreed to repay by being used as a ‘drug mule’.

“I owed money to traffickers, for my personal use. I received threats to repay them and they sent me like a sheep to the slaughterhouse to pick up a quantity, while one of those who knew the ‘tradition’ handed me over to the police for reasons he knows,”  he had claimed to authorities.

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