Economou: The educated generation will show us the way

Yiannis Economou Greek spokesman spokesperson

Government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on Thursday during a press briefing that the educated generation will "show us the way."

"We are pleased to see the high rate of vaccination among students as well as teachers and administrative staff at universities," Economou said.

"The educated generation, the people of science and research show us the way and give us a shining example.

"Their responsible response highlights that they want a reopening of the universities with physical attendance and we are determined to support them and for this to happen immediately from the first week of classes at the university."

Economou also noted that two years after taking over the governance of the country, the government has speeded up its pace and the work produced is multifaceted and of high quality.

"The prime minister described in detail, in a well-supported and convincing way the leap of prosperity that is attempted through our growth policies," the spokesperson said.

"Greek society understands that there is not only a plan for a safe passage through the repercussions of the multiple crises we face, but also a overall plan to upgrade the living standards of citizens with an emphasis on youth, the middle class and the environment," he added,

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