Nikos Vertis: We must be vaccinated, I lost my cousin to COVID-19

Nikos Vertis

Speaking on a radio broadcast, beloved singer Nikos Vertis said how we must all be vaccinated and that his cousin died of COVID-19.

The famous singer revealed his cousin had no underlying disease.

"I think things are starting to change. We all need to get together and finish this thing, get vaccinated so it ends.

"I have unfortunately seen my own people get lost.

"I lost my first cousin without any underlying disease, youngest, and she left suddenly. I have seen my friends and family say no and suddenly when they go through it they say 'what a fool I was.'

Vertis then said that "this selfishness should go away."

"You are negative and suddenly six days have passed and you have to call the ambulance to come and pick you up because you are in a miserable condition.

"The moment you lie in the ambulance and hear the siren, if you went back in time three months, would you do it or not?"

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