Third dose vaccination appointments open on Sept 30

COVID-19 vaccine vaccinations greece

Vaccination appointments for the third dose for all adults aged over 60 and healthcare professionals will become available on September 30, Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said on Monday during a regular briefing.

Immunocompromised patients became the first eligible people for a third vaccine dose for coronavirus on September 14, and 13,175 have since received it, he added.

In addition, he said, residents at day-care facilities for the elderly are next in line for third-dose eligibility. Online appointments bookings will open for them next week.

vaccine vaccinations Greece COVID-19

As National Vaccination Committee chair Maria Theodoridou said at the briefing, these groups of people are facing a higher risk of infection if left without a third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.

A 59.2 pct of people treated for the disease at Intensive Care Units and a 48 pct of those who lose their lives to the coronavirus are aged between 60 and 79, noted Theodoridou.

In terms of vaccination rates, 60.6% of the general public and 70% of all adults have already received one dose.

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