Tourism revenue could reach €12 billion this year


Revenue from travelers could be as high as 12 billion euros this year, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday in an interview with state broadcaster ERT.

He highlighted the fact that average spending per visitor appears to have increased 20%.

The goal is for Greece to continue to continue providing the excellent tourist experience it offers its visitors at high levels in autumn, possibly until early November, he added.

He emphasised the importance of tourism for the Greek economy, noting that the revised forecasts for Greek economic indicators were largely linked to an increase in tourist arrivals.

The minister said the tourism ministry’s role was developmental and economic and that “we return to citizens a dividend in the prosperity that tourism generates in the country.”

Kikilias spoke about actions to promote the travelers to visit Evia after the recent devastating fires, saying this will include a two-million-euro boost to the campaign.

He also referred to the effort made so that flights from the U.S. will continue until right into November.

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