Nick Kyrgios heading back to Australia

Nick Kyrgios hits hard to reach the second round of the Murray River Open

Greek Australian Nick Kyrgios has opened up on Instagram about the painful knee injury, which is set to keep him off the tennis court until next year's Australian Open.

The 26-year-old revealed after the Laver Cup on the weekend that he was returning home to Canberra to spend time with his sick mother Norlaila.

And Kyrgios took to Instagram on Tuesday, detailing plans to be treated for the painful knee injury he has carried in recent months.

Commonly known as "jumper's knee", the painful condition affects the patella tendon, which attaches the kneecap to the shinbone.
Kyrgios, ranked world No.96, said his knee would continue to worsen without treatment.

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Nick Kygrios Instagram

"Hey guys, over the last couple months, I haven't been near 100% healthy," Kyrgios wrote on his Instagram story on Tuesday.

"I've been dealing with left knee patella tendinopathy, and continuing to play without fully treating it can lead to further pain and greater set backs."

"I've chosen to fly back to Australia to reassess and am planning to get PRP treatment to settle down and rehab my knee.

"I'm disappointed it has kept me from playing my best tennis, and hopefully with everything going smoothly, I'll be back to 100% by the Australian Open."

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