Economou: The agreement with France is a huge national success

Greek Prime Minister French President Emmanuel Macron Economou

"Ιn a rapidly changing international environment, the Greek government from the first moment took multiple initiatives at all levels and all directions to strategically upgrade Greece and ensure an environment of prosperity for the citizens," underlined government spokesperson Yiannis Economou briefing the press on Thursday.

"The prime minister himself, making use of his prestige, has managed to fully turn around an atmosphere of mistrustfulness and unreliability that prevailed in the past," the spokesperson said.

"The fruit of this work, the fruit of our foreign policy is the agreement for a strategic upgrade of the country that we have signed with France," Economou added.

He also added that the protection of the country's sovereign rights depends on its strategic alliances.

"The agreement with France constitutes a huge national success. At the same time, it is a step of historic significance for both Greece and Europe in its effort to align its geopolitical forces with its economic strength," he said.

Economou announced that the agreement has been tabled in parliament for ratification and the relevant debate will be held next Thursday.

Meanwhile, the negotiations with the US will continue for the renewal of the Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement.

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