November 12, 1517: Italiote-Greek scholar Antonio de Ferraris dies

Antonio de Ferraris Italiote-Greek

Today, we honor the memory of the Italiote-Greek Galateo, Antonio de Ferraris.

The famous scholar who once proclaimed, “We are not ashamed of our race, Greeks we are, and we glory in it.”

Born in 1444 in the Galatone [Griko: Γαλάτουνα], Salento. Antonio de Ferraris [Grk: Ἀντώνιος Φεράρις] was a doctor and academic during the Renaissance.

A true patriot, Antonio, documented how the inhabitants of Gallipoli [Grk: Καλλίπολις] still spoke the Griko dialect of Katoitaliótika.

On November 12, 1517, Antonio died in Lecce [Griko: Λουππίου]. May his memory be eternal!

By The Grecanici Nation.

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